GI Letters

So I had my appointment with my GI today. It turns out he didn’t mean the letter he sent to be as inflammatory as it was. I think the fact that English is his second language can be a problem at times.

He mainly wanted to make sure I am talking with a therapist, since this is a lot to deal with. When I assured him I was, he said he was going to write a second letter for the chart to undo the first. I wish he’d just talked to me.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to get a PICC tomorrow and start TPN alongside feeds with the goal of hopefully finding a regimen through the tube that will get me what I need. Good thing too, as the tube seems to be going the wrong way of late. i had to go on bowel rest last night because the pain was so bad, but at least it’s a little better today.

A heckofalot of drama that was likely unnecessary, but at least he’s willing to still help me out and do what is needed. Now it’s time to wrap my head around the fact that I’m starting TPN. With all the drama, I’m not sure I’ve really processed that yet.

Thanks everyone!

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