Neurological Lottery Ticket

Just got home from my neurologist. They think that on top of getting small fiber neuropathy, gastroparesis, and urinary retention starting in 2012, that conversion disorder is still a possibility to explain my other neurological symptoms. I should go out an buy a lottery ticket, to be lucky enough to have all this stuff start at once. The 7 therapists and psychologists I’ve seen since this started haven’t found any evidence of mental illness, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I wouldn’t care that much, except my disability insurance policy has a ‘mental and nervous disorder’ exclusion and can stop paying benefits if disability is caused or contributed to by a ‘mental or nervous disorder.’ They used this to cut off benefits at the end of April, and I have had no income since. Being sick is the easy part, it’s dealing with this bullshit that’s the worst. I could use some love right now.

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